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How old is Ohgeesy? Ohgeesy Height, Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

A young and handsome man who started his rap life in 2012, now he is finally getting a lot of attention from all over the world. Yes, I’m talking about Ohgeesy, a famous rap star, and you know how old Ohgeesy is. She is only 20 years old and known as the Coastal Mafia, who has lived in Los Angeles since 2021. In 2016, Ohgeesy found herself becoming famous day by day. After that, he started working more for Coastal Mafia, the most famous rap group of 2021.

This article will discuss Ohgeesy’s biography, how old is Ohgeesy, how tall is Ohgeesy, the net worth of Ohgeesy, who is Ohgeesy’s boyfriend, what is Ohgeesy’s ethnicity. We will get to know about the members and history of the Ohgeesy Coast Group and finally some facts about Ohgeesy. Let’s know it-

Ohgeesy Wikipedia-

  • Real birth name– Alejandro Coranza
  • Famous name– Ohgeesy
  • Profession– Singer and Rapper
  • Famous for– member of the famous group called Shoreline mafia
  • Age (as of 2020) – Ohgeesy age 26 years old
  • Date of birth (DOB), birthday– November 27, 1993
  • Birthplace, hometown- Los Angeles, California
  • Nationality- American
  • Ethnicity- Puerto Rican American
  • Religion- Christianity
  • House- Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Highest qualification- Graduate
  • School- Local High School

Know more about Ohgeesy shoreline group and Ohgeesy Biography-

Ohgeesy is the most famous rapper, and his real name is Alejandro Coranza, known for his rapping and knowing what it is. Ohgeesy is very close to her mother and father. Ohgeesy grew up with Gucci Mane and 50 Cent.

These young rappers are known as the coastal gang. You have four members in this beach mafia group, first is Ohgeesy (Alejandro Coranza), 2nd is Rob Vicious (Robert Maggee), 3rd is Fenix ​​(Fenix ​​Rybinski). The last one is Master Kato (Malik Carson), they are all known as the Beach Mafia group, and they started this group in 2012.

Ohgeesy worked hard to see herself in the top rappers and only wanted love and attention from the audience. After a while, Ohgeesy and her group, the Coastal Mafia, made headlines, and their dream came true.

After the success, Ohgeesy released many songs (Nun Major, What Da Deal, Bottle Service). Ohgeesy has done a lot in her life. You want to be successful, and now he is a successful person.

So pull down for more information on Ogaise’s age.

How old is Ohgeesy?

Alejandro Coranza “Ohgeesy” was born on November 27, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is Christian. Now you are thinking how old Ohgeesy is, how she did these things at that age.

For your information, Ohgeesy was 26 years old in 2020. At that age, Ohgeesy is a famous rapper by the name of the band.

Ohgeesy Height and Other Body Measurements

Ohgeesy is intelligent and handsome, very tall and beautiful. So let’s go over how big Ohgeesy and other physical measurements are.

Ohgeesy’s height is 5.7 inches (1.70m, 170cm), she has a supported body, and Ohgeesy’s weight is 68kg. Ohgeesy has a sexy 14-bicep girl who is crazy about her body. Her breasts are 40her waist is 28, and her thigh size is 36. If you haven’t seen the pictures, you can imagine her body this size.

Ohgeesy has pretty and attractive dark brown eyes with black curly hair, which makes her look pretty.

What is Ohgeesy Ethnicity?

As I shared about Ohgeesy’s hometown and nationality, so Ohgeesy ethnicity is Puerto Rican American.

Who is Ohgeesy’s Girlfriend?

In 2019 the famous rapper Ohgeesy became a dad, but you want to know who this baby is and Ohgeesy’s boyfriend. After the news of Baby Ohgeesy, many people doubted (who is Ohgeesy’s boyfriend right now?)

Ohgeesy’s boyfriend gave birth to a baby boy in 2019, and Ohgeesy’s son Juelz looks cute.

You know what? When Ohgeesy’s son was born, Ohgeesy shared some photos with her son, and she covered her son’s face with a dog emoticon over the baby’s face.

Both Ohgeesy’s and Ohgeesy’s friends are very introverted. They hide their relationship from the public, haven’t shared much information about their relationship, but sometimes post photos on their Snapchat with their baby.

Still, now, they both did not confirm their relationship status.

Ohgeesy’s boyfriend is a dignified and sincere woman who has the model name Allure on Instagram. Your Instagram handle is Allurexnu. The couple’s alleged relationship status is private on their social media profiles, and Ohgeesy Allure’s boyfriend has 67,000 followers on Instagram.

But at this time, the actual name of Ohgeesy Allure’s boyfriend could not be confirmed. We’re still looking for his real name, but we’ll soon let you know his real name.

Let me tell you that Allure loves acting on their social media accounts. You know what Allure and her mom have about their own super famous YouTube channel. That’s not enough. Ohgeesy’s friend Allure has a beautiful face with an intelligent mind. He is also an entrepreneur and has his online shop called hellawavexminimafia. co

So this is a story about Ohgeesy’s boyfriend. However, according to Ohgeesy and Ohgeesy’s social media friends, they are not married yet, or their relationship state is still hidden, but we will let you know soon.

Now that you know Ohgeesy and Ohgeesy’s boyfriend isn’t married yet, so are the reasons.

Know about Ohgeesy Net Worth

According to the research, Ohgeesy’s net worth with Shoreline, the mafia group, is $2 million through 2021. There is still no information available about the Shoreline Mafia group’s income alone or the net worth of the Shoreline Mafia group.

And according to information on the Internet, the mob group Shoreline is not in the group on the beach, and now she is working on her solo album.

See some Ohgeesy facts

  • A passionate and hardworking rapper who become a famous rapper when he was at a young age
  • Ohgeesy is a father of one son but not a married man
  • Ohgeesy is not in a shoreline mafia group
  • Ohgeesy met with the collaborator in 2012 who is Fenix when Ohgeesy was doing graffiti.

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Bottom Line:

That’s all you need to know about Ohgeesy. I hope your questions like how old is Ohgeesy? How tall is Ohgeesy? Where is Ohgeesy from? etc., has been answered correctly. Do let me know how you feel after reading this blog of mine in the comment section. You can contact us at our social Handles i.e FacebookPinterestTwitter,until next time, Sayonara.

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