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Who is Dave Chappelle wife?

All you need to know about Dave Chappelle wife (Elaine Chappelle), Children, and much more

Want to know about Dave Chappelle wife then this blog is for you. A celebrity’s life is not easy. He or she is constantly criticized for the work he or she has been doing. Such a person requires a perfect better half to support his social presence. Being one of the top comedians on planet earth, Dave Chappelle is not just blessed with a thoughtful mind but also with a beautiful partner named Elaine. They have decided to keep their personal lives extremely private but we have acquired some of the facts for you.

Who is Dave Chappelle?

Dave Chappelle is an American-born comedian who started his career from high school right off the bat. His full name is David Khari Webber Chappelle. He debuted in the film Robin Hood: Men In Tights in 1993. His career got its peak time in 2003 due to the Chappelle’s Show. After this, his career skyrocketed and today 47 years old comedian is worth millions of dollars. Some of his major achievements include:

  • Won Emmy Award two times
  • Won Grammy award three times
  • Worked in 18 different films
  • Won Mark Twain prize for American Humor recipient in 2019
  • Performed 7 stand-up comedy specials

About Dave Chappelle wife (Elaine Chappelle)

Dave Chappelle wife (Elaine Chappelle) was born in Brooklyn and raised by Filipino parents. It sounds like a not very common mix but it is what it is. Elaine’s full name before marriage was Elaine Mendoza Erfe. Born on August 31, 1974, the beauty is about 46 years old. She is a practicing Christian by birth.

The early years of her life are without any kind of limelight and she never aimed to become famous. Some sources confirm that she wanted to become Chef at first but denied it to raise her children properly. Before her marriage, she also worked as a manager in a supermarket in New York. Talking about her qualification, Dave Chappelle wife (Elaine) did her degree in Mass communication from Hunter College, New York.

She completed her degree in 1996. As a businesswoman, she started pursuing her career as a publicity assistant for Penguin Group USA in 1997 and then as an Art Department Coordinator for Lifetime Television in 1998. Later on, she also opened a shoe and accessories store named Sweet Sanaa in 2013.

First Meet-up of Elaine Chappelle & Dave Chappelle

As they both are not very open about their personal lives so it is rather difficult to tell the exact date of their first meeting. Some sources confirm that they started dating in 1995 in Brooklyn and dated each other for 5 years straight before getting married in 2001. During an interview, Dave disclosed that initially, Elaine was reluctant to date him because of his fame and aura at that time.

She was hesitant to make her private life public and celebrity like but after some effort, Dave was able to win her heart and they started dating each other. Her concern for fame can be analyzed by the fact that she kept their wedding ceremony private and not even told about their marriage publicly till 2002 when they both were seen as a couple at a Philippine-American picnic.


Dave Chappelle wife (Elaine Chappelle) married for as long as 20 years, Elaine Chappelle and Dave Chappelle became parents to 3 beautiful children. Two sons named Sulayman and Ibrahim and a beautiful daughter named Sanaa. Their first child was Sulayman Chappelle, born in 2001 and is of 19 years. He is good at boxing and wants to become a professional boxer.

In the middle comes Ibrahim Chappelle. He was born in 2006 and is now approximately 15 years old. Their youngest kid is Sanaa, who was born in 2009 and is now approximately 11 years old. She likes cats and has a black one at home.

Dave Chappelle Wife Residency and Networth

The couple lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio with their three children. They shifted to this house in 2005. It is a 39-acre plush farmhouse with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is an act to avoid fame and live a comfortable and normal life, according to Dave and Elaine Chappelle. Its worth is about 270k dollars.

Dave also has a liking for expensive cars. His current collections of cars include a Rolls Royce, Lexus, Range Rover, and two Porsche of different models. This couple has an estimated net worth of about 50 million dollars. After refusing the 50 million dollar deal for his Comedy Central “Chappelle Show” people thought that he did the wrong thing but his wealth still skyrocketed after that decision.

Role of Dave Chappelle wife Elain Chappelle in Dave’s Life

To be precise Dave Chappelle wife is like a personal consultant for Dave. She informs him if something disturbing related to him comes up. She supports him in every way possible. Her support can be apprehended by the fact that she left her choice of becoming a Chef and instead she preferred to raise their children properly so Dave can focus on expanding and enhancing his career. In addition to that, she is an excellent cook.

“She doesn’t work as a professional chef, [but the kids] regularly eat like kings at home, thanks to her excellent culinary skills.”


Bottom Line

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